Using education, movement & fun to help Mums feel fitter, stronger and worthy again

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We educate women to use movement, fun and connection to feel fitter, stronger and worthy!



Hi, I'm Lisa, I'm on a mission to help busy Mums feel fit, strong and worthy.

To feel strong both mentally and physically is what we set out to achieve whilst rebuilding your body safely and affectively with an amazing Community of like-minded women who will support and encourage you on your journey!

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mums and bubs trainer - Lisa Price

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Group Training is a great step forward to start your journey! 

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mums and bubs fitness classes

Reset & Rebuild 
Mums & Bubs Fitness Sessions

Take the first step towards rebuilding YOU as a Mum - be supported, encouraged and celebrate your body!

Come and join local Mums in your area and return to exercise safely & effectively.

Our Mums and Bubs Fitness  sessions are all about safely returning you to exercise after having a baby/toddler, post surgery or an extended break.

Your MumSafe™️ Trainer will take you through the safest way to return to exercise.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

9.30am - 10.30am
School Terms

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Outdoor Large Group Training

Outdoors and fresh air in Winston Hills

What better way to get those exercise endorphins pumping!

Sessions held outdoor and undercover, have a group element with partner workouts, team work, fit friendships and lots of laughter and fun all whilst getting active and moving your body. Great for people who wish to meet new people, socialise and be around those that think alike and are wanting to get active!

Located at Winston Hills Public School

Address:  Corner of Junction Road and Hillcrest Avenue, Winston Hills

Wednesdays 6.15 pm - 45 minutes
Saturdays 8 am - 1 hour

*max 16 ladies*

mums and bubs fitness classes
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mums and bubs fitness classes

Small Group / Semi-Private Training 

Outdoors, undercover and fresh air!

Small Group and Semi-Private Training.

45 minute sessions designed to build muscle and improve health markers! Groups you with like-minded ladies who are supportive, inclusive and ready to train.

Sessions held in our undercover/outdoor home studio in Winston Hills, customised to each client with a small group supporting you on your journey.

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Personal Training

Personal Training services with programs specifically written for your fitness and health goals. You may be getting back into fitness or would like some guidance on how to start. Our aim is to provide you with the tools to make you strong, fit and feel amazing to do all you do in a day.

Limited availability.

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mums and bubs fitness classes

Outstanding Fitness Services Finalist

2023 Sydney Hills Local Award
2023 Sydney Hills Local Award
national awards program
2022 Sydney Hills Local Award
2021 Sydney Hills Local Award
national awards program
national awards program
2019 Sydney Hills Local Award
2018 Sydney Hills Local Award
MumSafe Trainer - Lisa Price
MumSafe Trainer - Lisa Price
MumSafe Trainer - Lisa Price
Pain Free Performance Specialist Certification - Lisa Price
AUS active Member - Lisa Price
AUS active Member - Lisa Price



Flexibility, Family, and Fitness: Embracing a Career Change for a Fulfilling Lifestyle

Katie M

"Lisa at Body Reset Fitness is AMAZING! I continually feel 100% supported, motivated and a welcome part of this amazing community that she has built. Her classes are fun, challenging and realistic. I also have a great laugh at every session."

Renee O 

"I now have a physical strength in my 40s, that I didn't know was possible in my 20s."

Ash W

"I travel 40 mins to attend Lisa's classes, she is worth every minute.  As a coach she gives 110% committment"

Jamie & Kaylah W

"Lisa's classes are always fun and challenging.  She has a holistic approach to health & wellness"

Elvita H

"From the moment I stepped into the studio, I already felt welcomed and one of the team. Lisa is knowledgeable and supportive. We are women supporting women in all stages of life, with a common goal to feel strong and empowered."

Di B

"The proof is in the results.  26kgs down since May 2020 with slow, steady, changes made every day with Lisa's daily support"

Robyn & Matt B

"Virtual training and the membership portal have been amazing - we have never exercised more - family routine and sanity saver during lockdown."

Michelle C

" As an avid gym goer, Personal training with Lisa has given me education on new creative workouts, both in virtual/live sessions"

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We have all fitness levels that join us.   We have Mother & Daughter teams, Sister Teams, Best Friend and members who have formed friendships. That's what makes our Community amazing!

Body Reset Fitness encourages all new beginners to invite a friend along to their trial to keep them company.  Join us to gain some "YOU" time, learn how your body can move, and start living your life healthier today!  It is a little stressful starting somewhere new but I can guarantee our Community will welcome you with open arms, support you and encourage you the whole way!

Class Schedule

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